Screen Cleaners

Techmach Screen cleaners Flexibility and effectiveness

The wide range of Techmach Screen Cleaners ensures excellent efficiency and purity in the cleaning of all kinds of crops such as grain, garden seeds, grass seeds, flower seeds, corn, leguminous seeds, etc.
Depending on the separation task, Techmach offers a various number of machine types, including precleaners, combicleaners, finecleaners and graders.

Sophisticated feeding systems guarantee uniform feeding of the sieves over the whole working width.

The machine’s efficient screen system with its accurately matched stroke and frequency is supported by the well-proven rubber ball cleaning system. The flexibility in the internal flow offers a big number of possible grading applications.

Roto Cleaners

Techmach Rotocleaners Efficient precleaning without screen exchange

The Techmach Rotocleaner is an efficient and rugged rubble separator for all types of grain and maize. The machine has a high capacity for pre-cleaning grains etc. with a high moisture and impurity content. It is usually positioned at the intake point of a plant and requires only a minimum of supervision and maintenance.
The Rotocleaner is a totally enclosed dustproof steel machine with all movable parts fully guarded. The cleaning process is made effective by means of three rotary drums ensuring an absolutely steady and vibrationless operation.

The grain enters the inlet feeding over the full working width of the machine and runs on to three specially developed reels provided with pockets to accept the grain. The grain is subsequently carried through to the air recirculation system. Coarse particles not accepted by the pockets fall into the coarse product outlet.

The Rotoclean is available in three sizes with capacities from 75 to 150 tonnes grain per hour.

Brush Cleaners

Optimal performance in the grain treatment process

The Techmach Brush Machines are suitable for handling grass seeds and clovers, and separating double grasses. It is likewise used for removing the hairy tails from the germ end of oats. The brush machines are designed in a modular system and available with up to 4 cylinders.

The last digit indicates the number of cylinders which may be arranged in series or in parallel. The cylinders are equipped with four heat resistant brushes which sweep the inner surface of the wire mesh basket. Each cylinder basket consists of a two part easily interchangeable mesh and is available in various materials and perforations.

All types of Techmach brush machines are totally enclosed, dust proof, and provided with aspirator spout for connection to the general dust collecting system or to a separate fan and cyclone.

Techmach De-awners are specifically designed for treatment of malting barley, seed grain and all other seed varieties.

Techmach De-awners are employed mainly for de-awning of barley, breaking clusters of beet seed and for surface polishing of grains and vegetable seeds thereby improving the appearance and increasing the bushel weight.

Cylindrical Grader

Cylindrical Machines Gentle and precise grading of seed and cereals Techmach develops and manufactures a series of Cylindrical Screening machines for sorting and grading of seeds, cereals and various granular products. The multiple contact of each kernel to the rotating screen guarantees highest accuracy in exact sorting tasks which are required mainly in maize and sunflower grading.

The single cylinders are built as self supporting steel constructions that can be joined in various configurations by means of a simple modular system so that a huge spectrum of sorting targets can be covered. By means of the modular systems, it is possible to realize 12 different sorting diagrams, always using only one drive motor for a complete battery.

Through the use of vibrating troughs, deflector boxes and discharge hoppers, gentle handling of the product and complete self emptying at the process-end are guaranteed.
Permanent screen cleaning is ensured by either rubber- or brush- rollers (depending on product) attached to the outside of the screening cylinders.