Weighers – On stream

Techmach on-stream weighers are used to monitor and control the flow of products in a process.

Available in assorted capacities, the on-stream weighers have been designed with reliability and accuracy in mind, accessibility for maintenance, simplicity of operation, and ease of installation. The machine is fully enclosed by dust-tight lockable access panels.

The weighers are fitted with state of the art pneumatic components to operate the moving parts.

Control is derived from the Beckhoff control system developed by Techmach

The weigh hopper is suspended from three loadcells and has no need for any stabilizing mechanism. Retractable calibration brackets are provided on the weigh hopper for ease of calibration.

  • Closed system for dust free operation.
  • Integral pre-weigh hopper.
  • Radial or flap type inlet gate.

Double bomb door discharge gates.

  • Totalising of material throughput.
  • Preset batch outloading
  • Monitoring and control of material flow rate.
  • Upstream and downstream interlocks
  • RS232 or RS485 serial interface for linking to a PLC, SCADA system, or printer.

Scales –Multi Process Interface

Extraction Display

Techmach offers a solution for bringing multiple process scales to one easy to read interface. The main screen is an industrial strength PC running windows CE and interfaced to the process scales through Beckhoff Twincat software.

Windows CE is able to write to a SQL server running on the network, updating every second. The Scale interface shows Extraction in Long term and dynamic time on one easy to read screen.

The PC has no moving parts and has a colour display with a touch screen. The USB port can be used to download the production figures into Excel for shift reports seperatly from the SQL database.

Techmach Scales are available as packers and process weighers, from 1 kg to 1000 kg. They can control rate and blending as well as interface with third party instrumentation like flow meters and temperature probes.

The scales are computer designed and the parts are easily replaced in the event of wear and tear.

The units are suspended on three load cells and there is no stabilization hardware required. All pneumatic parts are Festo and standard sizes are used.
The Techmach scale interface can be tailor made to suit any application with the ability to grow later.

Interfacing with factory equipment is able to be done with very little effort, software is backed up and any part of the system can be replaced quickly and easily

Packer- Tms 120 Belt Fed.

The Techmach range of bag fillers are available in various sizes and feeder combinations to suit pack size and material to be packed.

Techmach bag fillers are capable of high speeds with the addition of the prepare in catch gate facility. This allows the feeder to feed material into a catch gate above the weigh hopper during the discharge period, which reduces the filling time for the next weighment.

  • Automatic in-flight compensation for optimum speed and accuracy
  • Inch facility to ensure no underweight bags
  • Settings stored for multiple bag size and product combinations
  • RS232 or RS485 serial interface for linking to a PLC, SCADA system, or printer.

The weighers are fully electronic, twin loadcells, with electro-pneumatic bomb door discharge gates.

Weighers are available in 30, 60, 80, 120 and 150 litre capacities. Feeders include gravity feed gates, with or without agitator, turbine feeder, standard or hygienic belt feeder, single or double screw feeders, and vibratory feeders.

Weighers – On stream TMS – 500

Techmach onstream weighers are used to monitor the flow of various materials in a process.

The weighers are built with reliability and accuracy in mind with very little maintenance required. The scales are fitted with dust tight doors that are robust and easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. All pneumatic cylinders are standard sizes and are easily accessable.

  • Totalising of material throughput.
  • Hourly rate display
  • Preset Batching
  • Monitoring and control of material flow rate.
  • Upstream and downstream interlocks
  • RS232 or RS485 serial interface for linking to a PLC or SCADA system.
  • Non erasable Total
  • Easy to use and understand touch screen
  • Option for USB downloads direct from unit
  • On screen real time status display
  • Multiple scales can be fed to one display