projects 1Client: Pioneer Hi-Bred

Project: Hi-Bred maize processing facility

Duration: 3Years (Phased) – 2003/04/05/06

Value: R 105 Million


Maize Hi-Bred Seed Plant, complete with

  • Husk Intake System and Cobb Dryer
  • Shelling Plant
  • Silo Storage
  • Maize Conditioning Plant (Cleaning/Grading/Planting)

Picture3Client: TSB

Project: Turnkey Blending Block for Feed Mill

Duration: 10 Months

Value: R 12 Million


  • 20 TPH Multiple Blending block for feed stock


Client: AFGRI Feeds

Projects: Silo Dryer -2001

Turnkey Feed Mill-Eastern Cape-2003

Duration: 8 Months (Complete project)

Value: R23 Million


  • 20TPH Animal Feed Mill

Turnkey Feed Mill-Western Cape-2004/5

Duration: 10 Months (Complete project)

Value: R28 Million


  • 20TPH Animal Feed Mill complete with Silo complex

Picture5Client: GWK Limited

Projects: Silo Complex for Modderfontien & Barkley West 2004/05/06

Duration: 25 Months (Combine)

Value: R 9 Million (Mechanical Equipment only)


  • Mechanical Equipment Supply and Install for both Modderfontein (24 000 Ton) and Barkely West (20 000 Ton)

Rail Bulk out loading – Oranjeriver

Duration: 10 Months (Complete Project)

Value: R 9 Million (excluding Civil Works)


  • 300 TPH Rail Loading Facility– including pre-cleaning and . pre-storage

Picture2Client: Nutro Manufacturing – Kenya

Project: CSB Feeding Plant

Duration: 14 Months

Value: R 65 Million (Mechanical Supply R 25 Million)


  • 2500 Ton Soya and Maize Silo System
  • 5 TPH Corn/Soya Cooking/Blending Plant for feed relieve

Client: Pioneer Foods Grouppioneer foods group

Project: Sasko Klerksdorp Maize Mill Upgrade

Duration: 8 Months

Value: R 6 Million (Key Mechanical equipment only)


  • Upgrade of Maize Mill to 50 TPH
  • Project: Sasko Escort Maize Mill

Duration: Various

Value: Est. 2.5 Million


  • Maize Mill Equipment upgrade

Project: Sasko Aliwal Northsasko

Duration: Various

Value: Est. 5 Million (Over period)


  • Maize Mill Equipment upgrade

Project: Sasko Bethlehembokomo

Duration: 8 Months

Value: 12 Million


  • 24 000 Ton Silo Storage

Project: Sasko Eppingagri

Duration: 8 Months

Value: R 6 Million


  • Upgrade on Rice and Pulses packing factory to 50 TPH
  • Project Sasko Krugersdorp

Duration: 12 Months

Value: 22 Million


  • Installation of 2 x 20 TPH Screen Rooms (with the incorporation of Pertic Technology)