material handling

For smoothly running processes

Techmach and its world wide partner programme has many years experiance and technical know how backing in bulk material handling and can offer a wide range of cost effective solutions on bulk material handling.
In grain and seed handling plants and in plants handling industrial bulk materials, conveying equipment and bulk handling systems link the various processes into complete units which ensure smooth operation. Conveying solutions in itself do not involve treatment or add value to crops and other materials. Nevertheless, advantages achieved through smoothly running processes indisputably add values to the bulk handling installation and create profit on the bottom line.
For conveying and outloading dry bulk materials, the Techmach product line contains screws, belts, angles and chain conveyors, loading chutes, bucket elevators and square piping systems. The conveying equipment handles a vast variety of bulk materials ranging from agricultural products to industrial commodities and raw materials.

Techmach develops and manufactures conveying solutions ranging from stand alone equipment for individual processes to complete systems for installation into turn-key projects. In the course of time, equipment and solutions requiring thorough engineering expertise and high technology have increasingly become Techmach’s force and hallmark. At Techmach, conveying solutions are developed based on our in-depth knowledge of the particular circumstances of the individual projects. Focus is set on conscientiously and precise calculation of capacity combined with knowledge of the products or the materials to be conveyed including the possible aggressiveness of the materials, distances and climatic conditions.