seed handling

Research and knowhow – our foundation – your guaranty

Seed means life, and life needs cautiousness to grow.

Processing of seeds is a matter of experience and in depth knowledge of various products and particular processes ideally suited to the specific processing task. Gentle handling, strict and genuine separation of different lots as well as highly accurate final purity and uniformity are the main supporting pillars of our approach, thus bringing us into the World market leader’s position on the sensitive seed processing sector.
Techmach holds a strong market position within seed processing plants, where we maintain a strong focus on quality and cost-benefit.
Thorough technical engineering experience, our Partner support and in-depth product knowledge enables Techmach to supply solutions for cleaning, grading and treatment of various seed and grain products. We offer advice and design of plants for all sorts of cleaning purposes and various products based on research achievements and many years of practical experience.

All over the world, the seed industry is moving towards an increased level of industrial production with high capacity plants for cleaning and grading the seed. This development increases the demand for Techmach’s high capacity, high quality and cost-effective seed processing solutions. This, together with our very long and extensive field experience, result in top quality performance capability in the research and on-going development of processing technology and equipment. Our Patner facilities and experience enable us to provide specific and tailor-made solutions for every application.
Techmach develops and Manufactures an entire range of seed processing machines and equipment and solutions for all sorts of cleaning and grading. We deliver seed-processing plants for a variety of grain, cereals, oil seeds, grass seeds, rice, legumes, garden seed and other commercial seed, capable of working under all kinds of climatic conditions all over the world. We supply complete seed processing lines with a capacity up to 25 tonnes per line per hour. Gentle handling and strict genuine sorting accuracy without any danger of mixing sorts are our daily bread and main supporting pillar of our work.